Support Thriving, Inclusive, and Fully Participating Communities

I’ll defend and embrace policies that do not discredit any different beliefs, values, cultures, or experiences. Municipalities, schools, local and state government should receive the adequate tools they need to support our residents.  I will continue to expand opportunities for Veterans and Military families as well.

Protect Your Money

Your public dollars should always go back to serve the public- that includes our Schools, First Responders, and Public Safety. I’ll create data driven policies based on facts that will better serve ALL Nebraskans and keep our taxes at bay.  Nebraska’s property taxes should be decreased, and I will support fully funding education on a state level in support of those efforts.  I’ll communicate and be accessible to district residents and Nebraskans so you know all issues are taken seriously and dollars are being spent wisely.

Create A Better Tomorrow for All

There are ongoing concerns for our Senior Citizens and those with disabilities. I will provide timely and responsive services for those Nebraskans.  Generating more opportunities for education, workforce training, and treatment services.

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